Friday, December 11, 2009

Thomas school birthday

Dave brought cupcakes and celebrated Thomas' birthday at his school. This was on Dec. 8th, his actual birthday. However, we're calling it his "school" birthday to excuse the fact that Mommy had to leave early that morning to speak at a conference. His "home" birthday is this Sunday for those of you who, like Mommy, might need a second chance to send birthday wishes.

The boy sitting next to Thomas on the right is our neighbor Devon. He's great. Last year he had leukemia but he seems to have recovered pretty well. His mom is a journalist just like Daddy!

Here are Thomas' teachers Ms. Basil . . .

and Mrs. Bilbao, behind Thomas below.

They are very nice. Once they moved the sand table when Thomas didn't want them to and he told them he was going to destroy their lives. But most of the time, we really like them.

Thomas is amazed at how much taller he is now that he's four. And now here is a rare picture of two honey bees in their hive. The queen bee is supervising.

And here's Emmett illustrating his pull-up skills. This isn't actually a new trick, but somehow we've failed to document it here before. Go E!