Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here Come the Christmas Scallywags

We don't even know why they're called this but the name seems to fit.

We went in search of sledding.

Thomas wanted to go down in a sled once by himself. Grand Kathy stayed at the bottom to catch him. It was a hair-raising ride, but all survived except the sled.

We miss you-- come back soon!

The goddess of the sun

OK- we've got quite a library of fabulous shots, so we're going to have to keep it coming here. We're gonna do this semi-chronologically, cause that's how we roll, and I'm afraid the archives go back a ways. Here's some showcasing of special birthday gifts (and one xmas gift video). You'll notice a space theme . . .

And here's T and E in the once-in-70-year snowstorm that hit DC in early December. E, especially, was excited.