Thursday, May 13, 2010


Last weekend we went to visit our friend Devan in the hospital.  His leukemia has returned and he will need to stay there for a while now for chemotherapy.  I guess he has a really bad kind that is unusual in kids.  He seemed like the same old Dev and was in a good mood when we went by.  Thomas enjoyed playing with the up and down buttons on Dev's bed and calling the nurse at frequent intervals.

I've probably already sent you something about this, but it's really important that he find a bone marrow donor very soon.  This website has information on how to sign up: – 

In the US go to Be The Match Bone Marrow Registry  (you need to be 60 or under)
Dave is now in Egypt for a week.  We miss him a lot and wonder what he is seeing.  Before he left for NYC Thomas told him his train and plane had been canceled because "you love your son too much."