Friday, June 11, 2010


These all deserve their own posts, but we're playing catch up here.

First, in honor of the world cup: Caterpillar Soccer!!

We are very excited that Team USA's first match is against Clare! Well, ok, her neighboring countrymen, but still . . . exciting!

Brothers waking up together:

Emmett giving T a push:

Grandpa Peter explains nuclear fusion to Thomas:

Surprise lovely visit from Grandma Nancy:

Thomas at his last day of school performance. Next to him is Julian. Thomas told us Julian was moving to Egypt too! We had his family over for a playdate and found out that in fact they are moving back to Chile with the World Bank. But Julian's mother had been wondering about his sudden interest in ancient Egypt.

Dev came too!

Thomas gets a haircut:

Now off to Ocean City with the Kirkpatricks!