Friday, November 19, 2010

the Glamorous Life: fashion and art

It's been a busy few weeks here in Egypt. I went to a fashion show held at the Cairo Opera House.

It was really fun to see a non-family-oriented side of Cairo. The designers, a company called Nagada, are a husband and wife team of a Swiss former potter and a Lebanese woman. Their original inspiration comes from traditional Egyptian cotton patterns, but lately they've been drawing also from Asian influences. The result, a mixture of dramatic Arabian and Asian images, was kind of magical. So was the audience of arab and asian fashionistas enjoying the show. The weirdest part was realizing that it all had nothing to do with the united states: not the audience, not the clothes, not the locale, not the history. I'm pretty sure this was the first event in my life where this was the case.

The next day i went to the shop with a friend and bought lots of things. in my head they will look spectacular in New York but maybe i will look like a lost Hun.

We spent another afternoon at the fagnoon art school outside Giza. We went with the French expat club

Here is Thomas singing a song of his own composition about an emerging pottery pot:

Next up: the glamorous life: travel episode, as we document our week spent in the Sinai on the gulf of Aqaba celebrating the November Eid.

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