Saturday, May 28, 2011


Last weekend we went to Kompass' end of year picnic at Fagnoon- the art school just outside Cairo. Here Thomas performs a dance routine with some of his classmates--

This was actually a reprise. We got terribly lost trying to find the place, and missed the first show, so the teacher sweetly re-staged it for us. Maybe in the original Thomas wouldn't have been the only boy, but maybe he would have.

here are some more views of the Fagnoon fun:

That's not Picasso's real signature below. Somebody else wrote that. So far as we know he never went to Fagnoon. But he would have loved it!

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Grand Kathy, but only for a week. We leave ourselves for NYC on June 5th!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

felucca boat ride and superhero dinner

With one glorious trip down the Nile, we said goodbye to Aunt Lola and welcomed Grand Kathy to Cairo.

It didn't take long for Grand Kathy to get in the swing of things. Here she is as Grammy X-ray Vision for "Superhero Dinner."

Other attendees included LadyBug, Magic Boy, and Emmett.