Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NYC and then Cairo, year 2

We had such an extraordinary visit to NYC, it was difficult to come back to dusty old Cairo. First, we checked in with those badass Michel girls in Riverdale. No wonder the boys always want to stay with them! What lovelies.

Sadie was her usual charming hostessing self, even though she had mono. That's only fair, because we exposed her to lice last time we were there.

While Sadie and Clare looked after the boys, I got to hit a Fountains of Wayne concert at City Winery! It was rockin'. Their new album is just hitting the airwaves, and I bet I don't need to tell you to snap it up pronto! Especially if you are in that slamming over-40 demographic.

Here they are in action.

Then we stayed chez godmother Julie looking out over the reservoir on 5th avenue. It was like we were back in the country, but with a doorman! You can't take the 718 out of us though- we quickly made our way over to Ocean Parkway to hang with those adorable Erika Lea twins.

They even found a park that had a dragon water feature! Too bad some of us were feeling a little too grumpy to enjoy it-

Then came the main event: a visit to Times Square!

Here we are saluting the corporate flagship. Thanks for all the groovy furniture, that vacay in Dubai, and the plane tix home guys!

But actually, no, the real main event was meeting cousins Ben, Emily and new cousin Shannon in Times Square!!!! For lunch and then Lion King. Here Ben schools Emmett in some family traditions:

Here's the whole gang. Needless to say, we totally approve of beautiful Shannon, and can't wait to offer our ring-bearing services wherever they might be needed.

And then Ben bravely took Thomas solo for some big-boy bonding amidst giant puppets. Thanks fairy godmother Mim for arranging everything, including a tour backstage with Simba himself!!!!

The next day, Uncle Arthur arrived to help us make our airplane home. Thanks to him, the trip to the airport was smooth sailing.

Bye NYC family!!! I really feel like we got to see the best the city had to offer in our short stay!

After all this, it was truly a bit of a letdown to fly home to Cairo with a bunch of smelly Egyptian strangers. And I think we would have felt this way even if the plane hadn't been delayed for 5 hours.

But now we are back and settling in. Ex-pats are slowly straggling back from their summer holidays and everyone is grumpy. You can't help it if you arrive in Cairo in the August heat during Ramadan. No one quite knows what to expect-- more demonstrations? fraudulent elections? War with Israel?

Kath is right-- the first few days in a place you notice things that kind of gloss over later. I'm sure I'd seen this sign at the check-out stations at the Carrefour market before, but, maybe I was jet-lagged, who knows, I found it truly infuriating this time around:

It says, "priority for ladies and disabled."

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