Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Social Skills, Part II

Thomas came home from soccer practice last night very excited about making friends with a boy Matteo, who is also in his class at the British School.

Thomas: Mom, when we were in Movieland, before I went into your womb, Matteo and I had the same DNA. It was like the experiment with the penny in the glass that you can't see . . . At first you can see it, then it disappears under the water and then you find it again.

Me: you mean, at first you knew you had the same dna, but then you met him again at school and didn't know, and now you've realized it again?

Thomas: Yes! At the soccer game!

Me: that's very poetic. Um, how would you say that in regular six-year-old language? (this is a big new theme of Dahlia's: that Dave and I need to do a better job of talking to T like a normal six year old.)

Thomas: oh, well in Movieland we had the same DNA . . .

Me: Most other six year olds won't know what DNA is.

Thomas: They don't? (surprised and kind of proud expression)

Me: Nope

Thomas: Ok, well in Movieland we were friends and then we saw each other again-

Me: Most other six year olds don't know about Movieland.

Thomas: oh, well, they can ask me and I'll tell them,-

Me: They may not ask. They may just think it's kind of unexpected-

Thomas: OK, ok. well (shrugs) I made friends with Matteo at a soccer game?

Me: Perfect!

(Actually T just learned about DNA yesterday from a Captain Underpants comic book- )

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

On the Nile

I am so glad to be able to share with you the photos from Felucca-palooza, Giacomo's goodbye celebration.  

 We were two boats tied together.  That's Giacomo's dad on the guitar.

Here's Giacomo on top of the world:

And here's Thomas:

This girl had just moved to Cairo with her family.  They looked ecstatic all evening.  I suspect they will be disappointed when the rest of their time in Cairo is not like this at all.

And how does the "empty room" look now with furniture?  Quite nice, thank you.

This chair is controversial.  We really like it, but if we are honest with ourselves, it's too big for the room.

And here are some sweet memories of days gone by: