Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We haven't been posting much because this isn't a very photogenic time of year for the family. This is the season when when we stress over getting snacks, and socks, and teeth brushed so we are on time for school and the teachers will like us. When we live in fear over a call from the school. When there inevitably is a call from the school. We have been very preoccupied with Thomas starting a new school (again), this time at the Maadi British International School.

It is very different from Kompass. Lots of structure, kids wear uniforms, and bulk of time on reading and "numeracy." T was only conditionally accepted, and we have been waiting, holding our breath, to see if it was a good school for him. There were some dark days at first. One morning, the "learning support" lady announced, by surprise, that if I left Thomas there that day without an outside aide for him, she was afraid of another incident that would get him tossed out. But did we soldier on? Did we stay calm, emphasize the positive, and start to get used to the routine? We did.

Is it the right school for Thomas? It is.

He loves it. He has made friends. He gets 10/10 on his spelling tests. He comes home and tries to read books for fun. He loves his teacher. I love his teacher. He says he is the best at math in his class. He gets free choice time, and "golden time" if he finishes his worksheets early. He loves his worksheets.

The school is right on the edge of the wadi (desert). It gets great light. It has a pirate-ship play structure. Some of us get to play on it even without being enrolled.

Daddy is intermittently in Libya, but has also been home many weeks. That has been real nice.

And here is a dragon we made.