Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maine hooligans

A bunch of hooligans came to Maine June 24.  The Oregon group stayed a week and the Egyptians are still here

 Up in the tree house that Gran Kathy made using hand made tools

 Emmett in the painting studio in Brooklyn

 Look what earth has wrought !
 Could a daughter be more beautiful
 Theo and Elsie were Flower Girls at Ben's wedding (a SCOOP on blog news)

the kitchen at Mere Point with Elsie and Emmett playing

 Thomas picking raspberries in Maine

 Taken the night Thomas was sick and Gran Kathy was babysitting.  Laura came home and took his temp which was 104 degrees.  Next day he was fine.  Called The Sleeping Sickness.  Elsie, Theo and Arthur also caught it.

 Thomas making art in studio

All four grand children asked for a glass of orange juice.  when I came back a minute later they'd all left having drank a half glass each.