Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thomas antics

Ok- not quite Tel Aviv yet:

Here Thomas and Emmett perform the hit song from two summer's ago, Call Me Maybe

Emmett started signing it out of nowhere, and then Thomas came up with the routine.  He would only allow Emmett to join in for the chorus.

Here is another Thomas poem about Rain.  It was originally written as a "shape" poem with each sentence filling a drop of rain.

rain is slippery and shiny 
dripory and tiny.

splash and 

splish splash splosh 
rain dish dash 

Fireballs and raindrops
Fire falls 
and danedrops

silver from 
the sky to the
ground gold 
from the sky

nothing to the ground.

what cools
the sun in summer
But ruins

your day

In other news, someone shot a rocket propelled grenade at a satellite near our house.  this is the first time the bubble of maadi has been touched.  Im pretty sure it wasn't Thomas though.     


arthur and maggie said...

Emmett was a good sport about only coming in on the chorus. Especially liked Thomas' "singer" accent, as in "crazeh" and "numbah".

"Dripory" is a very good word!

Kathy B. said...

My attention went right to those two great pieces on the wall - the dragon painting and the red spitting head. Why does Emmett wear an orange mask when he sings ?
Wouldn't it be something if he loved writing poems.

Anonymous said...

When I need a cheer-up, I watch this video...