Thursday, April 10, 2014

Archie comix

Yes, it's been a while. We've been busy. Egypt has been a mess.

Here are some snaps of Thomas from the middle school production of Cinderella. Thomas' year was just the chorus, and he personally did not feel a strong affinity with the story. But I think he still had a good time. Why?

Those two girls sitting next to him. Thomas, like all his friends, has had a crush on dark-haired Genevieve, from Australia, for years. Rory, the little red-head, is new, and she's from Maine! Her family is in the military and was stationed near Machiasport.

Thomas is obsessed with Archie comics- he found an old trove of them in the "teen room" at Maadi house, and he likes to sneak in and read them. Lately he has been musing about Archie's methods for juggling two girlfriends. He seems to want to arrange something similar for himself with these two lovelies.

Of course, we've recently learned that Archie meets an untimely end- so maybe he isn't such a good model after all-

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Kathy B. said...

You learned so much from Archie comics and look at you now - surrounded by love from 3 lovely guys

William Bradford said...

Perhaps Rory's family has read "Fragile Structures" to her, thereby rendering her a most suitable candidate for the affections of Thomas.

Clara said...

Oh, I loved Archie as a kid! I am glad Thomas is getting his life skills from there. Will serve him well!

arthur and maggie said...

knowledge is power and the future belongs to us!