Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vermont with Arthur and Elsie

Well, we were so excited to get there we took two pictures at the airport and left the camera on until it died. Those pics to follow as soon as we find the charger. But here are some lovely moments sent by Grandpa Peter. We miss you Elsie! And you too Arthur and Grandpa Peter and Grandma Susan!

You can't tell, but here the cousins continue their display of their adorable bottoms all over the eastern sea board. In this case their pants were wet after some tsunamis washed up on the shore of the pond.

Here they form a sweet marching band that was not as much appreciated by the people in the living room as we thought.

Here they quell the eruption of Mt. Arthur.

And read books and frolicked like little mountain goats.

Clare and Emmett did some frolicking as well.

Since Grandpa Peter took this, he isn't in them. But we'll post some more soon. Catch ya later, and no fair peeking at those little bottoms, ok?