Saturday, July 2, 2011


WE have been very busy traveling the continent, but we have some things to show for it: Pictures!! Here we go:

Arriving in NYC-- what a welcome--

Then we spent a divine night at the Michel's in the Bronx. It turns out Sadie likes to strip down for a party as much as we do!!!!

At that chair in the foreground, Adam was often busy writing this truly brilliant opening number for the Tony awards.

Then another long flight to Tahoe to help Aunt Emily get hitched, and meet Uncle Brian. It was a little much for Thomas, who retired with a fever to his room to watch Scooby Doo, leaving Emmett to shoulder ring bearer duties for the family. At first all this fell in turn to grandpa Peter, who manfully walked the bride, as well as bore the bearer, to the alter together.

On the day of, however, Emmett kept a close eye on other bearer Austin, and flower girls extraordinaire Elsie and Theo.

It was a beautiful event, cake incident notwithstanding.

(much credit to Aunt Deborah for the beautiful photos)
Then off to Portland for some stories with Uncle Arthur, smoke bombs, and waterfalls.

About this time, Thomas started scratching his head. Upon closer inspection, we found these!!! From Egypt!!! These are no ordinary bugs. These are super-lice, and woe unto you who catches them.

We thought seriously about just not mentioning it to anybody. But if you've snuggled with us lately-- that's what you're looking for. Happy Hunting!!!