Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Photos

Some rare family photos have surfaced showing all four of us at once.  I know some of you have wondered . . .

In fact, not only us, but the whole Kirkpatrick clan!

I am not sure why I was so under-dressed for these photos, but let me apologize now for that.  Maybe I can photoshop a nice blouse on me for the christmas card.  Luckily, everyone else looks super-sharp.

Yes, we did visit Buffalo this summer and it was grand.  Here the Kirkpatrick men look their very best to say an official goodbye to Grandma Ethel, who passed away last spring.

We also did some chalk drawing.  This was Thomas' contribution, no doubt inspired by the great cat battle stories with Uncle Arthur . . . 

We helped with the gardening . . .

One project we undertook was completing our entry for the British School library's summer reading photo contest.  They give prizes every year to the best photos from the summer showing students reading in usual places.  And the top winners get framed and hang in the library all year!!

We think we have some potential champions. (Though my idea to hoist T over Niagara falls in a windbreaker with a book was not acted on, sadly.  We did visit the falls though, and awesome Fort Niagara, a war of 1812 stronghold.)

boating on Lake Erie

plane cockpit

in a tree

ok, that last was mere point.  So we'll see.  fingers crossed for the blue ribbon!