Thursday, May 3, 2012

Theo look-a-like

I always want to run up and hug this little girl, Camilla.  Because she's adorable.  But also because she looks so much like cousin Theo.

(She's hamming it up there, so maybe you can't really see the resemblance, but it's there!)  The other day she made a special card for Emmett and presented it to him at school.  It was very glittery.  He loved it!

Like Theo, Camilla also claims some Japanese heritage.  Her mom, Terumi, is American-Brazilian-Japanese.  Camilla's father is Danish.  Here Terumi holds Camilla's little brother Nikolaj.  Everyone says he looks just like a little Emmett.  Maybe that's why I always want to run up and squeeze him too.

Big hugs and thanks to Uncle Arthur, who gave us the South Park Stars treatment over on Elsie and Theo's blog.  He really got cairo, with its goats on rooftops and friendly people in impossible situations.  (Kind of like how he likes to write as if he grew up in a trailer park, he did leave out the tony expat 'burbs where we live.  Also left out, for different reasons, was the time Dad saved me from a mob of angry taxi drivers in Tahrir . . . )

Finally, here is the lone surviving photo from Aswan, as I cleverly left my phone with all the pictures there.  It is in the south, part of ancient Nubia, and was so lovely.  The hotel we stayed at was right on the Nile, with the ruins of an ancient temple across the way: