Friday, November 29, 2013

Fall album

Some shots from summer and fall:

arriving in nyc at grand kath's studio:

Dinner with Grandpa Peter and Grandma Susan after circus camp.

Visit with Aunt Carola

Ok-- now skip ahead, arriving back in Cairo in August, and being some of the only expats there:

After the Rabaa massacre, in Tel Aviv: 

Our first beach with waves

Tel Aviv is a great, interesting city right on the beach!

Spelunking in a stallegmite cave near Jerusalem.

Back in Cairo, alhumdillallah.

First maadi house birthday of the season:

Fall Eid camping trip to Fayoum and the Whale Valley:

When they said there are ancient whale skeletons sitting out on the sand, this wasn't actually what I pictured:

Staying at the Fayoum Auberge Hotel, which was the former hunting lodge of King Farouk

Dave takes on hordes of children:

That's Fayoum Lake behind Emmett.  Its a giant oasis. 

And then off to London, and a ride on the giant "London Eye" glass ferris wheel.

We didnt get to meet the Royal Baby, but we did feed some ducks.