Friday, October 30, 2009

Camera and Vaccine

We left our camera under a pile of leaves for several days-- but the pictures survived!! Will post them as soon as we figure out how without a camera.

Loss of the camera prevented us from capturing the truly strange, kind of wonderful and kind of horrible experience we had last night of all waiting in line for 4 hours at the local high school to get h1n1 vaccine shots. There was a wonderful community spirit outside-- kids playing, friendly volunteers, people getting hot chocolate for eachother, that kind of became awful once you got inside and it was hot and the lines were still long and the vaccine supply started to run out. They had 1000 doses and we were numbers 643-45. (Clare got a dose along with the boys, but Dave and I are not at-risk.) Our baby friend Anna Del Guercio got dose number 999. We all got home at 8:30, and Clare got a chance to drive on the right side of the road!

It looked something like this, except not really.