Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Dark Cave of Despair

Update: sorry, didn't mean to alarm anyone. The dark cave was a blanket fort Thomas and Emmett built in their room. The inspiration was the "Halloween" Party at MBIS on Nov. 6th. Specifically a very slightly haunted corridor. Also, scooby doo which they watch every day in return for thomas writing two sentences of plot summary in the middle and end. Here's Emmett at the party dressed as batman.

Thomas was a ghost. But Thomas went with a friend and by the time I saw him he was wearing his sheet as a kind of skirt tied around his waist.

Also in the dress-up category, these are from a birthday party last weekend. Generally Egyptians, and many expats, are pretty rigid about gender expectations here. For example, at the toy stores the girls section is almost entirely dolls, toy vacuum cleaners and ovens. Anyway, at the party, Emmett wanted to wear the fairy wings provided for the girls.

So I let him. One of the birthday girls saw it and started to cry. Emmett then urged his friend Johan, who is half-egyptian, also to try the wings and the fairy wand. Johan's dad kept pretending not to hear Johan asking for help opening the sparkly package.  So I stepped in and helped. They had a great time.

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