Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun with uncle Arthur in the pool

Dc shots may have to wait for dave's return from Tunisia so he can explain the new camera equipment to mommy.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Visit home part I: Snow!

We saw some, and it was awesome.

Apologies, dear readers. We were away for a week visiting grandparents in the states and things have been too busy to post. Events in the area grew more dramatic while we were away, and Dave was sent almost immediately to Tunisia when we returned. It's been a funny and kind of disorienting reentry into Egypt.

But first, here are some beautiful shots of Thomas and Emmett with cousins Elsie and Theo in Vermont.

Below Grandpa Peter tells once more of the food behind the piano in London. Thomas resisted the temptation to reenact the tale in Vermont.

Thomas and Elsie both hit the slopes, and Theo was sighted there as well. Here is Thomas arriving in grandpa pater's waiting arms. It's hard to say who looks the most graceful in this multi-generational portrait.

As usual, the apr├Ęs-ski was the real highlight.

Aunt Anna's dog Boomer enthusiastically convinced the boys that not all dogs are feral menaces. Emmett still talks about Boomer and Aunt Anna every night. Somewhere he got the idea that they "love him so much."

And here is grand Kathy seeing us off in new York. We had a lovely visit in the terminal 4 food court. Thank you thank you for making the visit spectacular from end to end!

Coming up . . . We test pools up and down the eastern seaboard and other fun with the kirkpatricks in Washington DC!

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