Sunday, April 21, 2013


Sicily.  Who knew??  It's lovely. 

We were there for Easter week so there was lots of catholic pageantry. 

The island has some of the best-preserved Greek and Roman ruins.

That blue in the distance?  The ocean.  It's quite pretty.

In 1660, Mt Etna, the Volcano at the center of the island erupted ferociously, wiping out several cities.  They were rebuilt in grand baroque style, leaving many fine churches for us to visit.

And sweeping dramatic views:

As well as the volcano itself!  We climbed it, sort of, and Dave peered over the crater in the freezing snow.  The boys and I were snug inside a tank-like bus,with Aunt Lola, Grandpa Doug and Grandma Nancy, so I do not have any pictures of this.  But if any surface I will post them.

Thomas perfected his swing pumping.

We ate lots of pasta and olives.

Emmett and Thomas insisted that Aunt Lola was coming back to live with us in Cairo.  Insha'allah.

It was a great week!