Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vermont snuggling

We had a fantastic two-week visit to Vermont.

We met Wilbur, super hound. He sure is cute. We weren't quite ready to snuggle with him and his sharp puppy fangs yet, but the thought of future snuggles made us, or Emmett anyway, literally dance with glee.

(that's him under e's chair).

Thomas and Grandma Susan shared a cuddly, if soggy, time on the super slide at bromley thrill zone.

Sadly, their awesome ride was too quick for this papparazo.

Thomas and Emmett got comfy with Holly the pony.

Nobody actually caressed the nearly biblical host of polliwogs in the pond, but we could have, if it came to that.

Thomas went to mini-adventure camp. He sure liked it better than farm camp, though he objected to the idea that his adventures were minuscule. Emmett hung out some with sweet sitter Isabel, for what we liked to call "Isabel adventure camp.". Here they enjoy some reading adventures together-

Here he is suited up for a trip with Isabel to hapgood.

Thomas palled around with cousin Marina. Woe to any little red-headed creeps at camp who tried to bother her when T was around.

But of course, the most magnificent snuggling was with Grandpa Peter, learning about pheasant-poaching as we nestled down for the night.

We miss all you cuddly folk!

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