Sunday, February 10, 2013

Active Days

There is nothing like a failing state to get you to plan your weekends.  There's no question of going to wander around downtown, or check out a museum.  So, voila, between horse-back riding, tennis, swimming and arabic lessons, our weekends are nearly as busy as the school week.  Here was Thomas' friday (which is a weekend day here):

riding: (maybe planning the first Egyptian rodeo)

and playing tennis:

We are learning mad skills, yo.

Emmett dressed up as "Superdog" for the Book Week parade at school.  This is a great tradition that American schools should have.  The only downside is the creep in from movie and video characters. I forbid the boys to dress as comic book superheroes (Superdog is a *book*, troglodyte), but other mothers were less careful.  Thomas, who dressed as Dracula, delivered a few lectures to a Darth Vader and other non-conforming classmates.

I think maybe as part of book week, the gym teachers had the kids at MBIS playing quidditch, from Harry Potter.  If you've ever wondered what the game would like like played in earnest, here you go:

And actually, I just looked it up and wikipedia defines "troglodyte" as "cavedweller" a term derived from an ancient group of people who lived on the African red sea coast.  Hey- that's near where we live.  Turns out we're the troglodytes!