Saturday, November 3, 2012

White Desert Camping

3 families, 7 kids, 2 deserts.

 First the black desert:

Emmett did everything this little girl, Sophie, told him to do.

Then we went to the white desert.  Which has whiter sand than the black desert.

And also some solid white rock formations.  One of the other fathers brought up the biblical story of Lot's wife looking back at Gomorrah and being turned into a pillar of salt.  These pillars weren't actually salt, but I could see where this legend might have come from-

The best part by far was just sitting around drinking wine while the kids ran around and did whatever they wanted. 


Some people don't need to drive eight hours to a remote desert in North Africa for this to happen, but that seems to be what it takes for us.

Here we see Alex and Thomas who got up before their parents were even awake to go sandboarding on the dunes.  

Here they return to camp in the dawn's early light for breakfast.

It was like having teenagers.

Then we got home to watery pictures of Hurricane Sandy in NYC.
I guess everyone reading this is by definition ok, but we're thinking of you.

Mohammed the driver earnestly suggested that my family should come to Cairo for a few weeks while New York recovers from the storm.  He doesn't know New York, but come anyway!