Friday, September 11, 2009

Lewes Labor Day

Oh my goodness, so many great pictures. Here's just a start.

But wait, someone was missing there. Theo? Someone run and get Theo in this picture--

Did the cuteness bonanza end there? Oh no.

(Thomas has now watched this video about 67 times. Dave asked him what it was about, and Thomas said "a server going to the back." He's right, kind of.)

Thanks Houstons for a great weekend!!!

See you back next year!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clare arrives!

Introducing Clare! Clare is our new au pair from Wales. She is wonderful. Thomas has already asked if she'd be willing to stay forever, and we're hoping she'll consider it.

What about Thomas' old babysitters? Phyllis came by for a visit not too long ago. It was great to see her.

And Vanessa is studying hard for her GRE's. She says she hopes there's an essay with questions about Volcanos.

Grand Kathy came to check out the new house and to snuggle with her grandsons.

And here's a short video of those adorable Kirkpatrick men thinking that they are sitting for a photo.