Thursday, March 18, 2010

Morning update

Luckily for this blog, and for you loyal readers out there, Clare is feeling a little queasy today after some St Patrick's Day hijinks, so I'm home with E today. He's napping now, so I thought I'd get caught up on his here baby blog.

Here is Emmett saying "book." Take that, doubters.

Here is Grand Kathy reading said article when she visited a few weeks ago.

I would say he's enthusiastic about the idea of a book being read to him, but doesn't care so much for the actual experience.

His brother, on the other hand, is still taken with stories of every kind:

We like dragons especially these days. But costumes of all kind are interesting.

Thomas likes to help feed Emmett his bottle.

So does Dave.

Here is a scene from Emmett's first birthday celebration.

At first he was unsure why his family was bringing him something on fire.

Then he enjoyed himself.

Thanks Grand Kathy for the cupcake!