Monday, September 27, 2010

Cook while still frozen in the same way fresh vegetables are cooked

That is the instructions on a pack of frozen beans I just prepared. In general the vegetables, fresh and frozen, have more flavor here. Also, there are no real directions on anything- a sign of a society where people know how to cook. All the boxes in my kitchen are like this: the rice, the cous cous, the frozen chicken patties. None of them have proportions, or methods or times or anything. They mostly just say cook until done. Or note what is different in the packaged version from the fresh. It makes me realize how funny most of us are in the states that we don't really know how to cook vegetables without instructions.

Here we are at the beach. This is the Hamptons of Cairo, just an hour and a half away. We stayed at a great family resort.

The sparkle effect is a waterfall.

Here is Emmett practicing Arabic.

I really tried hard to get a picture of a burkini. There were lots, but i never had a camera handy. These are burkhas which is not quite the same thing. But it still feels weird standing next to one wearing just a bathing suit.

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