Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving I and Table!

We had almost a century represented at the Thanksgiving table, between Grandma Ethel, 99, and Emmett, 8 months. They seemed to get along notwithstanding the age gap.

Thomas looked sharp and had love to spare.

Clare enjoyed her first Thanksgiving, especially the pumpkin pie. Aunt Lola was the chief chef and she put out quite a spread. Even Emmett had some turkey and yams!

And on the list of things to be thankful for was the surprise delivery of the table we ordered two years ago. Just in time for Houston Christmas! Here is some documentation below.

We haven't gotten the matching chairs yet, but Dean Perkins says they'll be here soon. And he asked for a small deposit to cover the cost of ordering them. It wasn't foolish of us to give it to him was it?

We really love it. However, there is one aspect that is slightly controversial. It's difficult to see but to the left of the black chairs in the picture below is a small knob where a tree branch used to be. Dean says he'll file it off if we want, but he thinks it makes the table. Dave and Clare love the knob. Thomas hates it. Mommy isn't sure. So we're asking for your opinion! (See poll to the right.)

Here's what we''ll look like eating around the table:

And stay tuned: next up, Niagara Falls and a Baptism!