Friday, May 20, 2011

A tribute to aunt Lola

It was so great having aunt Lola as part of the team these last two months. So great in fact that I really neglected documenting it. Also, I seem to have destroyed the camera again, so any good pictures you see here were probably taken by aunt Lola. You can also read her take on visiting Egypt, which explains lots of things we were confused about before.

Lola- come back!! We miss you!!!

A few days before she left Lola and I wandered around Islamic Cairo. This was taken at the Ibn Toulon mosque- the oldest one in the city I think. From the 8th century or some such.

The view from the minaret. Aunt Lola was not a fan of climbing to the extra tippy top of the minaret, but did enjoy the view. We paid dearly in baksheesh for this side trip.

This wall niche, which has a fancier name, shows the direction of Mecca.

Aunt Lola was an adept explorer of Arab Cairo. By the end, she could recognize the difference between an Abyssid arch and a Mamluk one, and could count from one to ten. More than either Dave or I can do. (ok, more than I can do.)

Lola also assisted the Easter Camel in hiding the eggs, eggs, eggs.

On Sham El Nissam, or "Smell the Breeze" day, spent in the Andulusian gardens.

At the zoo, getting our faces painted:

The pyramids!!!!! Aunt Lola was here. She rode a camel named Mickey Mouse.


Come back and see us soon,


the Caravan