Friday, September 17, 2010

Wadi degla

Last weekend we ventured over to a desert canyon where people like to hike, mountain bike and camp. Many thousands of years ago this place was an ocean, and a forest surrounded by volcanoes. Doesn't look much like that now.

I like this picture of me because I look like a deranged British archeologist. Below is my first headscarf encounter. Today we visited a mosque in old Islamic Cairo with dave's Arabic tutor. I was fine, even looking forward to wearing a headscarf until it actually came time to put it on. Then, something about having to wear it put me in a bad mood. Also I put together a little ensemble and came out to show Dave. He told me I was probably showing too much neck. Something about this really rubbed me the wrong way. I know he didn't make or agree with the rules, but just having him in his t-shirt casually tell me that I couldn't show so much neck made me want to kick him. It seemed like at least he should've said it apologetically. Luckily it only took me most of the afternoon to get over it. What's the deal with our feet, you ask? Two old men at the front of the mosque tie these booties on when you come in. Keeps the street dirt out. Emmett was very confused and kept asking shoes? all the way through the mosque. He didn't have to wear them though.


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