Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Thomas' class is studying ancient egypt.  A few weeks ago they had their class assembly.  Thomas played Anubis, god of death.  

He was, predictably, awesome.  Below is one of the musical numbers where the class builds the pyramids.  Turn your sound way up.  More.  Ok, lean in.  Ready?  Here you go:

Sorry about the poor sound quality.  Something's wrong with the speaker on my phone.

Here is another Thomas poem:

In Emmett'c class, each child takes home the class stuffed animal, Floppy the dog.  Then you write a little journal entry about what you and your family did with Floppy that night.  The kids draw a picture or illustrate the text with a photo.  This time we illustrated Floppy's adventures with a photo.

In this picture he is battling a lego man mounted on a robotic dragon.

I never did hear what the class thought of our Floppy entry.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Fall album

Some shots from summer and fall:

arriving in nyc at grand kath's studio:

Dinner with Grandpa Peter and Grandma Susan after circus camp.

Visit with Aunt Carola

Ok-- now skip ahead, arriving back in Cairo in August, and being some of the only expats there:

After the Rabaa massacre, in Tel Aviv: 

Our first beach with waves

Tel Aviv is a great, interesting city right on the beach!

Spelunking in a stallegmite cave near Jerusalem.

Back in Cairo, alhumdillallah.

First maadi house birthday of the season:

Fall Eid camping trip to Fayoum and the Whale Valley:

When they said there are ancient whale skeletons sitting out on the sand, this wasn't actually what I pictured:

Staying at the Fayoum Auberge Hotel, which was the former hunting lodge of King Farouk

Dave takes on hordes of children:

That's Fayoum Lake behind Emmett.  Its a giant oasis. 

And then off to London, and a ride on the giant "London Eye" glass ferris wheel.

We didnt get to meet the Royal Baby, but we did feed some ducks.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thomas antics

Ok- not quite Tel Aviv yet:

Here Thomas and Emmett perform the hit song from two summer's ago, Call Me Maybe

Emmett started signing it out of nowhere, and then Thomas came up with the routine.  He would only allow Emmett to join in for the chorus.

Here is another Thomas poem about Rain.  It was originally written as a "shape" poem with each sentence filling a drop of rain.

rain is slippery and shiny 
dripory and tiny.

splash and 

splish splash splosh 
rain dish dash 

Fireballs and raindrops
Fire falls 
and danedrops

silver from 
the sky to the
ground gold 
from the sky

nothing to the ground.

what cools
the sun in summer
But ruins

your day

In other news, someone shot a rocket propelled grenade at a satellite near our house.  this is the first time the bubble of maadi has been touched.  Im pretty sure it wasn't Thomas though.     

Friday, September 27, 2013

Cairo Battles

Dont worry- we're not talking about the police and the Islamists or anything.

We're still clearing out shots from last spring.  Here Thomas and his friend Max ready the living room for an epic battle of all the toys:

Here Mommy does battle at the Four Seasons with some Egyptian entrepreneur-types seeking to license intellectual property from the American University:

And here is Thomas at the MBIS swim gala, emerging from a race:


 Next up: New York, Vermont and Tel Aviv.  And then the present-day, we promise!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer Pics

Courtesy of Grand Kathy:

That's the hat we need for "International Day" at MBIS

And here we are checking out the L Train.  Its just like the Cairo metro except for the promiscuous display of faces.

We had a great time at Emily's wedding.

Grand Kathy taught us about what happens inside churches.

We had some picnics and parades.

But nothing really could compare to simply soaking up the cool at 682

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Here are some items from the vault that have somehow been neglected.  We'll start with some self-portraits, with a loose circus theme:

Here Thomas films himself doing a favorite trick.  Please excuse the gratuitous profanity at the start.  This was early one morning last spring while the rest of us were sleeping.

Here we are at circus camp, waiting for the "pie day" activity to start.  Emmett evidently grabbed the phone, and realizing what he had, began a selfie photo shoot until Mom realized what was happening.  I think Uncle Arthur has a similar series from Emily's wedding.  After this is a self-portrait I took after being "pie-d"

Saturday, August 31, 2013


I know people are worried about us here in Egypt. The disconnect between what is on the news, and my daily life with the boys is pretty staggering. Here we are playing in the pool at a friends weekend house in Saqqara yesterday (Friday).

If you look carefully next to the palm tree silhouettes you can see the outline of the Abu sir pyramids, older than the great pyramids.

It was actually one of my favorite afternoons in Egypt so far. While we played, Dave was out covering the protests. They were largely peaceful.

The saqqara house actually belongs to a friend of my friends. Evidently he's out of the country and won't be back for a while. He asked them to look after it in the interim. They also have the keys to another friends apartment in maadi, who has been evacuated and doesn't know when he'll be back for his stuff. My friends' actual house is downtown in Zamalek but they've been spending the last week cycling between all their spare homes.

I guess it's a kind of disaster tourism, but its not unfun. Kind if like how a new fad here is curfew cycling- with no cars on the road evidently night is a glorious time to bicycle.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First day of school

Emmett was very proud of his handsome big boy uniform. He announced that I can no longer call him little.
It was great to see old friends and familiar faces. That said, Thomas' class was missing more than half the kids. In general, school seems almost empty. Many families have delayed return until 1 September, so some are going to come. But some are not coming back now. The next few weeks are key, I think. If military retains order, expats and companies will start to return in force. If there is more bloodshed in the streets, then companies and embassies will keep families out for the rest of the school year. That's my guess.
It's funny to rely on the military leaders to maintain our school and jobs routine. It makes us complicit, frankly, in the return of the police state because now we are rooting for it to succeed.

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