Friday, October 21, 2011


Thomas is learning to read!  He can read short books and basic sentences.  This is so fun for me.  He also has homework this year.  All of the international schools assign it to his age.  I dont know if this some expat overachiever phenomenon, or if all kindergartners everywhere do homework now.  Since my AUC class was postponed, (alas), I'm now starting to take Arabic.  Sometimes we do our homework together-- copying out letters and vocabulary side by side.

Here are some words I can write in arabic: (right to left)
 طفل،  باب, مکتب , بیت ، کتاب  
 (child, gate, desk, house, book
Here are some words Thomas can write in English:

cat, fat, bat, hat, jam, ran, fan, man, pan, pig, wig, the, you, bad, mad, sad, dad, pin, win, tin, Kipper, Mum