Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Emmett's Fist Two Months

This is the illustrated history of the Kirkpatrick boys of Washington D.C.. Inspired by our west coast cousins, but a little late to the blogging game, we're picking up right in the middle of things. Here's Thomas:

and this is Emmett:

aka "Fatty." Emmett Peter Kirkpatrick just arrived recently on March 4th. He has been warmly welcomed by many. First on the scene were Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Doug who capably looked after us while we got used to the new situation:

But many others have come as well!

Including namesake Grandpa Peter:

Grandpa Peter sure can tell a story:

Here's Emmett's dimple, which is just like his Dad:

Here's Emmett on his way to an Obama Inauguration party.

It's common to feel sorry for new parents of 2, because it is a lot of work.

But we're managing.

Drop by if you're ever nearby!

Next up: Emmett's 2 month stats. Watch out, Theodotia!


annie said...

can't wait for the next installment of the kirkpatrick brothers

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occhio said...
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templeton said...

Oh, Boy. More slops!!



K Bradford said...

Wow ! This is fabulous ! A real portal into the life of the Kirkpatrick boys. Thank you Laura and Dave.

K Bradford said...

what is under THomas's shirt in the first picture ?