Sunday, July 12, 2009


We spent a wonderful July 4th in Vermont with Grandpa Peter, Grandma Susan, Doug, Anna and the Friedman cousins. The pond was in full bloom and the estate was teeming with wildlife. Thomas, like a CEO on a fat-cat hunting retreat, bagged many a previously-caught and stunned trophy. Frogs, polywogs, fish, snakes and fudgcicles were no match for Thomas or Grandpa Peter. Jaxon, Grady and Marina showed us the ropes:

That's Jaxon with a frog on his head. Later, an obliging ring-neck snake appeared, and Thomas bravely let it slide between his fingers. He was aided by an extremely tall mongoose.

We celebrated the 4th in style at the Dorset Field Club. Thomas got his face painted like a tiger again, and loved it. Although, he did feel it didn't quite measure up to his last experience:

There was jump-roping, sack races and sand-pit digging. Thomas's impressive performance in the hula hoop contest was not captured for posterity.

And, of course, a few trips with Dad down the Alpine Slide.

Emmett came too, but he was so tranquil I guess we didn't take any pictures of him.


K Bradford said...

Oh boy that does seem like a paradise for a 3 year old boy. thank you so much for posting all these pictures. I haven't thought about snakes and mongooses in many years.

arthur and maggie said...

Two observations when we enlarged the pictures: 1) thomas is wearing his pants gangsta style in the sand trap. 2) Maggie asked, "Is that Doug?" on the alpine slide wearing the brown shirt.

Theo says to Emmett: "I know what it's like having a camera hog older sibling" Ella says "Me too!"

K Bradford said...

Are you guys going to your pool club these days ?

K Bradford said...

Every night I search this site for a portal into the life of the Kirkpatrick boys. What great delight when there are new photos...beaming into my cottage deep in the Maine woods.