Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zoo Concert and a Castle!

Lots to report. A few weeks ago we went to a sunset concert at the zoo with Addy and her family. Thomas tried to impress the ladies with his tree climbing.

Emmett snuck in a cuddle with Addy's mom.

Then we went to virginia for the weekend. there was a small mix-up where we thought we were going to our friend's rented cabin and it turned out to be an ancestral Scottish castle instead. Thomas and Emmett didn't mind.

Emmett frolicked by the tennis courts while Thomas hung out at the pool.

We played with pals Sophie, Cecily and baby Jamie.

Next up: We play host to the Kirkpatrick clan and a hamster named Clarice.


K Bradford said...

Addie's mom looks a lot like Thomas's mom. Thanks for all the new photos and stories.

emilyb4d said...

I quite like that Thomas is pictured riding a horse. He looks good up there!

Laura said...

Yes, he does. That said, he wanted off before that horse could take a step.