Thursday, August 6, 2009

Emmett Enjoys His Porridge

Emmett Enjoys His Porridge
Originally uploaded by Piper5078
Here it is again as something happened to the link below. Note, again, the guiding of my arm.


emilyb4d said...

Haha! Too cute! "FEED ME!"

William Bradford said...

It has taken me some time to master this medium, which I now intend to use to comment on the doings of my descendants, in the context of the ideals of their Pilgrim ancestors.

For today, let me note my pleasure in the use of the too rarely heard term "porridge", connoting as it does visions of steaming gruel, abundant crops and broken treaties.

Sincerely yours,


K Bradford said...

Trying to figure out what Thomas is saying. 47 times played the video desperate for info how bout another one.

arthur and maggie said...

maggie says that thomas is saying "i'm pretending to be clarice". great video!