Friday, September 11, 2009

Lewes Labor Day

Oh my goodness, so many great pictures. Here's just a start.

But wait, someone was missing there. Theo? Someone run and get Theo in this picture--

Did the cuteness bonanza end there? Oh no.

(Thomas has now watched this video about 67 times. Dave asked him what it was about, and Thomas said "a server going to the back." He's right, kind of.)

Thanks Houstons for a great weekend!!!

See you back next year!


arthur and maggie said...

Awesome posting speed here. We have several similar group shots, and in each one theo is crying. But she says she had a great time otherwise. We miss those happy beach days, and thomas' geology lessons

kathy said...

Who ever put this together should direct movies or better still have an art show. Yes, thanks for the speed posting and riotous sequences.
Here's to a fabulous family if I do say so.

Laura said...

Fast posting is great! And much appreciated by your fans.
While I realize he's a bit player in the blog, its amazing to see how relaxed and great Dave looks in the August and Sept posts!

K Bradford said...

Yes he does I agree

William Bradford said...

I have some concerns about the way my Descendants keep the Sabbath. The substitution of cameras for hymnals seems more typical of the maypole celebrants, who lived up around what is now dubiously called Braintree. Miles Standish arrested the ringleaders.

Surely no liquor was consumed!

Yrs vry trly,


kathy said...

The picture just above the words "cuteness bonanza" might have you chuckling over Theo's expression but really the face that wins me over is Thomas's with its wise calm and supporting arms all existing in what was perhaps a moment of bedlam.