Thursday, October 22, 2009

Airport and Emmett crawls (sort of)!

At last, from the vault, the highly anticipated Albany airport shots.

We were really glad to see Grandpa Peter too.

And here is Emmet learning to crawl! This was a week ago and already he's much better.

and here are Clare and Emmett, who are both so cute.

There are a lot of sniffles around the house, but no swine flu . . . yet.


William Bradford said...

How odd that one of my Descendents should try to swallow another. I'm glad he missed!


arthur and maggie said...

Nice crawlin' Emmett! We miss you guyz!

K Bradford said...

Crawling Emmett ! That was a great video. Each time I play it he looks better.

Laura said...

Emmett (Go get 'em on the crawling, Easy E!!!) and Claire Claire the world's coolest au pair are definitely very very cute. Thanks for the pictures,


kathy said...

The crawling video is GREAT ! and the Dad's words are the perfect accompaniment.