Thursday, January 21, 2010

post-feast activity

After ham with vermouth sauce, we went out to build a snow dinosaur.

It turned out pretty well.

Do you feel as if you're riding the slow train through christmas?

But actually it's kind of nice, right?


Piper5078 said...

the slow ride through Christmas is great. But I'm apparently a big fan of clothes that start with the letter P - Pajamas, Party skirts and Parkas. Lots of those feature highly in theses pics, making the fun even greater. Plus, I'm glad to see that Pint sized Santa (what you thought I'd let the P thing go?) made it onto this blog as well.
Lots of love - LK

Katherine Bradford said...

snow dinosaur gets a prize
and so does vermouth sauce

arthur and maggie said...

Good to see that snow dinosaur again!