Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thomas learns about abstract art

He gets shut down for not raising his hand, but we can only surmise what he might have said. Are they right, Grand Kathy?

Also Emmett is walking and talking. Maybe we'll show you that one of these days.


Laura said...

I've been retained by my client, Emmett P Kirkpatrick, who found me through the second children of the world unite effort, to suggest that more Emmett milestones make it on the blog. :)


Katherine Bradford said...

Abstract Art and Thomas Kirkpatrick ! Bless your heart for showing me them together in the same room. If you look at the film closely you'll see that THomas DOES raise his hand only to put it down when he begins to speak. That docent had a hard job but disappoints when she says "doesn't look like much of anything" and "just colors and lines" .
Hooray for whoever got TMK to this event !

Katherine Bradford said...

First steps by Emmett ??? that's the buzz...we are all dying to see

Katherine Bradford said...

I write that as a second child

arthur and maggie said...

Forget Emmett walking. I want more of this woman talking about art!

William Bradford said...

My descendant did indeed have his hand up. That woman embodies all that's wrong with education today, especially the emphasis on abstract art at the expense of American history.