Thursday, March 18, 2010

Morning update

Luckily for this blog, and for you loyal readers out there, Clare is feeling a little queasy today after some St Patrick's Day hijinks, so I'm home with E today. He's napping now, so I thought I'd get caught up on his here baby blog.

Here is Emmett saying "book." Take that, doubters.

Here is Grand Kathy reading said article when she visited a few weeks ago.

I would say he's enthusiastic about the idea of a book being read to him, but doesn't care so much for the actual experience.

His brother, on the other hand, is still taken with stories of every kind:

We like dragons especially these days. But costumes of all kind are interesting.

Thomas likes to help feed Emmett his bottle.

So does Dave.

Here is a scene from Emmett's first birthday celebration.

At first he was unsure why his family was bringing him something on fire.

Then he enjoyed himself.

Thanks Grand Kathy for the cupcake!


Laura said...

Emmett's toddler costume is almost as cool as Thomas' dragon costume.

Kath said...

The smile on Dave's face as he is bringing in his one year old son's birthday cupcake takes the prize.
But also the video of a clear "buuk" sound is what I will take with me out into the world today.
Thanks for being at home with all those Kirkpatrick boys....

Kath said...

What's goin' on at 3931 Livingston these days ?