Saturday, April 17, 2010

spring in dc

Emmett is really walking now:

He can say "hi."

Preparing for Easter:

Easter party. We realized at the last minute we forgot to get easter baskets for the egg hunt, so we gave a few kids empty cardboard six pack holders.

Planting some venus fly traps

Riding a bike

Riding a dragon:

Thomas and daddy wait for Mommy to come home.

Aunt Lola coached Emmett through some Yoga poses-- kicky kicky cobra anyone?


Laura said...

Gorgeous people in the pictures! One of my faves is Thomas up close at the pizza park in the Zoo. Sweet smile on a sweet little boy. (Other fave is the parachute pic - colors!!!!)

Laura said...

PS - Emmett also says "Good Stuff," even if I'm the only one that's heard it :) LK

Kathy said...

THese are even better the second time around (I saw them on Lola's flicker) and the captions filled in some needed info. My favorite now is when Mommy does come home and joins the guys on the swing. THanks to the Laura-s.

wavescrashashore said...

that's not a dragon -- it's a hippocampus!

very cute cute cute cute!!!