Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Painting with Grand Kathy

This was a highlight of our time in Maine. Look at these hippy grandkids-- I sure never spent an afternoon with my grandmothers like this:

Each of the cousins fully and seriously participated.

This may be where Emmett acquired a pinkish stripe in his hair. He still has it and looks kinda punk.

After everyone was hosed down . . .

. . . we had a nice dinner of naked pizza.


William Bradford said...

In my day, it was our native foes who painted themselves and ran around naked. The effect was quite unnerving until we subjucated and Christianized them.
From these photographs, it seems quite fun and harmless. Perhaps we misunderstood, or they knew something we didn't.

Yrs Trly,


Gran Kathy said...

My studio is still haunted by the sounds and stripes of little artists who came and went too quickly. THank you for driving the whole family to Maine to visit the old family home stead on Mere Point Road. What a lovable bunch of scalliwags.