Friday, July 23, 2010


It may seem as if there is not much activity in the Kirkpatrick household. Nothing could be further from the truth!

We are very busy here preparing for the move to Cairo:
Thomas is planning a goodbye party with rocket ships, volcanoes and a pit to hold all the parents.
Emmett is working very hard to outgrow many things before packing.
Daddy has joined the Muslim Brotherhood.
Mommy is enjoying her last few weeks of equal civil rights with Daddy-- and is trying to shore up the newspaper industry before we go.

Hang in there NYT!

We have also spent some time saying bittersweet goodbyes to nearest and dearest. A few weeks back we were with the Friedman/Bradford/Vining clan in Vermont to celebrate a bunch of birthdays, including America's and Grandpa Peter's:

We enjoyed delicious birthday cupcakes prepared by Aunt Anna. Everyone got one with their own name on it! We were almost sorry to have to eat them. But not that sorry.

We also enjoyed a lot of fresh-water water play. This will be the last time for a while we can swim in any ponds or rivers, due to the presence in Egypt of parasitic worms that like to burrow under your skin and cause schistosomiasis. Thankfully we found none of these in Vermont. We did find some salamanders and other mysterious but friendly water creatures:


Gran Kathy said...

That's a great report Laura. You should be writing for a major newspaper. But I'm not saying my good byes to all you Bradford/Kirkpatricks yet.

Gran Kathy said...

Do click on to the schistosomiasis link that Laura provides. That picture is beyond any that you could imagine.

Gran Kathy said...
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Camp Jabberwocky said...

I enjoyed the post as well, and read with interest the article about the arguable demise of print journalism. Seems to me that the noted professor Bradford has a hidden bias though! I think she needs to join the internet revolution and blog professionally from Ciaro!

Gran Kathy said...

And DO click on the newspaper industry link. My great proud mother feelings swelled when I read this:

"George Mason School of Law Professor Laura Bradford presented on protecting digital content in the United States. She discussed the possible use of copyright and misappropriation legislation to defend the rights of publishers, but cautioned that the First Amendment would make courts reluctant to grant automatic injunctions."

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura, Dave, Arthur & Maggie-
What fun to go on a vacation with your four delicious children --which I did by visiting your blogs—thank you. I am partial to nakedness so I loved all that---and the blending of the families and the four kids warms my heart and, of course, it brings back sweet memories to see Kathy opening her studio to the kids for painting time—reminiscent of Emily & Mari’s painting time years ago with Big Kath.
Oh my –I will miss the Bradford/Kirkpatrick family—please please come back often.
I wish all of you were visiting us on Block Island from July 30th to August 6th.
Onward into the adventures of our wonderful lives!
Big Kiss,
Mim (aka Mrs. Dirty Lips)

Gran Kathy said...

august 17th -
Laura called from Cairo today. All is well and she sounded happy and excited to be there. ox, Kathy