Friday, February 4, 2011


I will continue the "tick tock," as Dave would say, of our last few days in cairo, but thought this was cute and if I don't write it down I'll forget. This is still a baby blog after all:

We were talking with uncle Arthur tonight via skype, and he was saying that if I'd written a blog about being a mom in Egypt for, the "urban parent" site, so many people would be reading it now. And I said I was just as glad because i didn't want to have to worry about what a bunch of snarky hipsters thought. Immediately Thomas, behind me, stopped his chariot pretend game and asked, "what's a Snarky Hipster?"

I deferred to uncle Arthur who defined it as "someone who likes to laugh at everything and wears tight pants.". Which is as good of a definition as you're likely to find.

Thomas ran under a table, now concerned that Snarky Hipsters were lurking under the beds.

good times here in Dubai.

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Laura said...

Beware of snarky hipsters wearing jeggings. My eyes have still not recovered. Is there room under the table with Thomas?

Kath said...

Knowing you, you have already found the one puppet show for kids in the United Emirates, the one book in the hotel worth reading and the one person most fun to take a walk with in Dubai and the best place to take that walk.