Sunday, February 27, 2011

More on Dubai

I can't believe I haven't posted this before. This video sums up Dubai for me.

To set the stage, we had just arrived that morning after traveling all night. We got a room at the Ibis hotel at the World Trade Centre, had breakfast, and slept all day. Here's Emmett (with Thomas sleeping behind him) that morning:

Then we woke up and explored the plaza outside. There was a convention center next door that seemed to be hosting something related to dentists. As we wandered the near-empty halls at dusk, a group of one hundred or so men in Saudi-style jalabiyas filed in and did the following dance:

I have no idea why, or to whom the performance was directed. I didn't see anything else like it while we were there. But the mix of corporate trade center with Bedouin hillbilly war dance captures Dubai for me.

Note: There should have been two videos- i uploaded the same one twice last night, but its corrected now.

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Anonymous said...

Laura, never lose that video clip. No one is going to believe you were there watching that Bedoin hillbilly war dance with the waiters whisking by. THomas doesn't even think it strange...

Laura said...

Do all dentists in Dubai carry swords?

Kathy said...

This is no Merriott Motel on the Mass Pike