Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thomas and the Revolution

Today we went to Tahrir Square to join a celebration/ display of strength by democratic protesters. Here are Thomas' thoughts on the experience:

after a while he got into it though.

Lots of people wanted to take his picture. We loved that, but this was his usual response.

I thought these signs were notable because the women holding them were so crazily beautiful. Check out the older veiled women having a heated debate underneath them.

This is okay because Egyptians don't know how to spell "volcano" either.

Bathed in the dawn of a new Egypt:

The sign in front of the pillar says "walk lik an Egyptian"


Kathy said...

This week end - one grand child standing in the middle of Broadway at night about to see the Mary Poppins Musical. The other talking about Mubarack and the protesters as he stands in bright sun light in Tahir Square. Let's hope they both remember this as vividly as it now appears on my computer screen.

Uncle A said...

Great video! I think Thomas should be a reporter for Nickelodeon news as he likely speaks for the majority of his generation in terms of their feelings about "grown up celebrations". love the new camera too!

lad said...

Is that a hand made horn that Thomas is holding ?