Sunday, March 6, 2011

Emmett's birthday

Emmett turned two last Friday. We celebrated with a nice pizza and cupcake lunch at the house. The weather has turned beautiful, and a few of our friends have returned: Chloee, Diana, Juan and Felipe, whom Emmett calls "Pee-pe." With the lack of old friends, we've also made some new ones.

Best of all, the guests cleaned up after themselves, which was very considerate.

I did not manage pictures of the fun- it was all I could do to host it. But in honor of Emmett, here is a picture of his car seat. Unlike Emmett, the car seat went out with Dave and reported on the protests of January 28. I found it sitting forlornly on the balcony of the NYT office downtown last week.

luckily Emmett had pretty much outgrown it anyway.

In addition to Emmett's birthday, Egyptians have been celebrating a new campaign of civic engagement. This includes neighborhood litter pick-ups and the placement of decorated trash cans around intersections. Also the repainting of curb and traffic lines, presumably to encourage better driving behavior. Here are some twenty-somethings out repainting the road at one of the local midans-

On the minus side, with the police state gone, every other day a different person rings the bell and announces they are here to collect some random amount as the "garbage" bill. I actually find these Egyptian scams almost endearing. Why always the garbage bill? Why doesn't someone try posing as the water bill collector? Anyway, we don't pay them, and they go away, and the garbage is still being collected.

Aren't they adorable, these boys?

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Clara said...

Love it! Happy birthday, Emmett! I cannot wait for us to have birthdays together someday in the future. What fun that will be. Hugs, Gio

Kath said...

Yes, those boys are adorable and second I'd nominate the 20 somethings who are voluntarily repairing the road.
Emmett never lose your dimple

Uncle A said...

Happy Birthday Emmett! Elsie and Theo got to sing happy birthday to him via skype while he was taking a bath. This went well until Laura's ipad fell in the water.

Laura said...

Ha! Your own words betray your fibbing self! iPad 1's have no camera, making bath-skypeing impossible. Caught! Caught red-handed in a flagrant comment untruth.

Brooke Nixon said...

Feel like we have an ongoing direct and personal link to the news in the Middle East! Dave had a good article on Qaddafi in yesterday's NYT and then there was the man himself on CNN 10pm news (Anderson Cooper). Is Laura holding down the fort in Cairo? Hope there are friends and interesting activities enough for her and that the boys are growing and thriving.

kathy b said...

What i like about the picture of the two brothers in their striped shirts is the hand of the older brother protectively reaching over to Emmett. He's baring touching him but the gesture appears to be one of great care.