Friday, April 22, 2011

More Kompass shots

From Thomas' Kompass disk:

Cleaning up the street as part of the Keep Egypt Beautiful campaign:

Sadly Giacomo and his family have not returned after the revolution. Thomas has been keeping company with Greer in his absence.

If you cant tell what that says, hold it in front of a mirror!


Kath said...

The ones where Thomas is smiling are my favorites.
He's getting kind of lanky isn't he

Occhio said...

Seems like only yesterday it was all about Dax, Professor Wiseman and creme caramel.



KB said...

Laura and Aunt Lola and the boys were on my Skype this morning and I'd like to report that Laura is turning into an Egyptian woman

KHB said...

and Emmett had turned into a tiger
and Thomas was in black face assuming a "rescue" persona
and Aunt Lola appeared well and happy

Anonymous said...

Thomas is doing great with his hands, he looks like he is having tons of fun :) big hugs from clare, i miss u guys xoxox