Friday, July 8, 2011


Oh, state of Maine, how we sing your praises.

We arrived in Maine on June 18th, weary and sick. Two weeks later we were on top of the world. What happened?

Well, Thomas had a great two weeks at wolf's neck farm camp. This is him there with his counselor, Ahmad.

Thomas did complain about the lazy counselors making the kids do all the chores. He says he will never become a farmer. He doesn't believe me that there is any other point to this camp other than training him for a future job. But, thanks largely to Ahmad's relentless good cheer, he had a good time anyway.

Daddoo arrived with fine wines and motorcycle t-shirts from far off lands.

Emmett models one such shirt below.
Grandpa Doug and Grandma Nancy made the scene! In a beautiful old rented house on the point-

We ate lobsters, biked around the Bowdoin campus, and took a train to Wiscasset!

On July 4th, we swam at Thomas Point Beach.

Emmett won second prize in a watermelon eating contest.

We watched fireworks in Freeport at LL Beans with Thomas' new friend from camp, Will Gleason. The Gleasons were very pleased to meet Will's exotic new Egyptian friend.

But most of all, there has been Grand Kathy, feeding us, bathing us, entertaining us, even discipling us when we need it.

As Emmett says, "grand Kathy, you are a very beautiful lady."


Grammy Sappy said...

Maine never seemed so wonderful
Egyptians arrive
and fill the salty air with truck sounds and the sight of a knights cape rounding a corner

BTW look at that picture of the train and you'll see the little face of Emmett waving to his mother as the train leaves the station

Deborah Bradford said...

as always,I love your blog posts. I'm glad to see that you're all thriving. xox

Auntie M, the Idaho one said...

Thoams certainly got it right about farming

arthur and maggie said...

Oh Maine how we miss thee!

Big Mim said...

Go Gran-Kath-----you tell 'em who's boss! but the only problem is the kids don't seem very scared of you....